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Welcome to the North Carolina groups page. Here you will find both training groups and active covens. You can browse listings by clicking directly on the state listed below, or use the search bar to narrow down results by group name, type or tradition.


Disclaimer: Groups listed here are not vetted by Darksome Moon LLC and the legitimacy of those running the groups are not under our direct knowledge or control. Our purpose is to offer an online space that facilitates connection between groups and seekers. We advise all seekers to be cautious and careful whenever reaching out to those they have not met or do not know.  Where possible, we will list Facebook groups or other sites/contacts that can be used to vet a listing.  

To learn more about what one might expect from a legitimate group, take a look at our Seeker's Guide.

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Initiatory Wicca
Corvinian Coven - Traditional Wicca

Group Details

Group Name: Corvinian Coven

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)

Tradition/Spirtual Path: Traditional Wicca

Contact Info

Contact: Corvus

Group Description:

Corvinian Coven is an initiatory, traditional Wiccan coven operating in the Charlotte, NC area. We adhere to the tradition as passed to us by our Long Island elders.

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Circle of the Awakened Forest - Gardnerian

Group Details

Group Name: Circle of the Awakened Forest

Location: Raleigh/Wake Forest, North Carolina (NC)

Tradition/Spirtual Path: Traditional Gardnerian Witchcraft

Contact Info

Contact: Kylia Heartsong

Group Description:

"And thou who thinkest to seek Her, know thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not unless thou knowest the mystery; that if that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, then thou wilt never find it without thee" Merry Meet!


We are an established British Traditional Gardnerian Witchcraft teaching group/Coven located in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area. We are 3* Initiates of the same. We are open to seekers SPECIFICALLY interested in the possibility of being initiated into a formal Gardnerian Coven if mutually desired. Our training is NOT based on a "year and a day" model, as a Seeker's journey progresses differently and in their own time. This is a commitment of time, dedication, and patience. If you seek training in British Traditional Gardnerian Witchcraft it is important that you thoroughly research this Tradition as all Traditions are different, and not suited to every seeker. We highly recommend reading, Traditional Wicca: A Seeker's Guide by Thorn Mooney and Stewart Farrar's "What Witches Do".


We will email you a short application and once completed, we can set up a personal meeting (in a public venue, of course). Our application is NOT optional. It is important for us to determine if our teachings and your expectations are one and the same. That said, there are no right or wrong answers, we just want to learn more about you!


We are open to individuals of ALL orientations and gender identifications, however, our teachings are based on the belief of the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine, as well as love, trust, and respect. If you come to us, we expect nothing less from you. Drama and prejudice have no place in Sacred Space.


In Darkness, Light!