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Welcome to the Maryland groups page. Here you will find both training groups and active covens. You can browse listings by clicking directly on the state listed below, or use the search bar to narrow down results by group name, type or tradition.


Disclaimer: Groups listed here are not vetted by Darksome Moon LLC and the legitimacy of those running the groups are not under our direct knowledge or control. Our purpose is to offer an online space that facilitates connection between groups and seekers. We advise all seekers to be cautious and careful whenever reaching out to those they have not met or do not know.  Where possible, we will list Facebook groups or other sites/contacts that can be used to vet a listing.  

To learn more about what one might expect from a legitimate group, take a look at our Seeker's Guide.

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Initiatory Wicca
Circle of the Emerald - Traditional Gardnerian 

Group Details

Group Name: Circle of the Emerald

Location: Baltimore County, MD

Tradition/Spirtual Path: Traditional Gardnerian Wica

Contact Info

Contact: Lady Raokhsha

Group Description:

On Lammas 1980, the four remaining active members of the original Deepstar coven, one generation removed from the Long Island Coven, elected to hive. Inasmuch as the reigning HPS of Deepstar had already entrusted active HPS duties to one of the four as she took a much-needed sabbatical, Deepstar closed and Circle of the Emerald functioned in its stead.

The founding members of CofE were Lady Raokhsha and her partner, Xanadu, and Jana Willow and her partner, Olorin. The covenstead then moved from the Willingboro area of New jersey to Ewing. Through the years, membership waxed and waned as Raokhsha relocated first to New Hampshire and then back to New Jersey. In 2011, she retired and the coven disbanded. Within the year, she relocated once again, this time to Maryland, where she became a solitary practitioner until…

In the Fall of 2021, she quite inadvertently encountered seekers and was persuaded to once again pick up the sword. Most of the prior members reconvened and Circle of the Emerald was reborn on Candlemas 2022. We are presently a group of “mature”— over 30 years old — members and trainees. Younger seekers may wish to evaluate their preferences for a group of age-peers before contacting us. We definitely welcome new blood— and energy.

Our training involves a year or personal growth projects covering foundational breathing exercises, visualization, and mental focus. Experience in ritual and magic work flows in tandem. We use the books written by Gerald Gardner as our jumping-off point in our studies of the history of the Craft and the functions of a coven. We are a healing coven and we train with the purpose of enhancing that coven. We follow a system of three degrees of knowledge and we adhere to the core materials disseminated in the 1970s. After a year in our training group, a decision is made regarding the appropriateness of initiation— by both the seeker and the coven. We do not train and turn our students loose. Seekers wishing to “grab the knowledge and run” are not welcome here.

We shall be closing our doors to candidates for 2024 training on January 25th, so contact us right away if you are considering joining us.

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Riverwood Coven - Traditional Gardnerian Wica

Group Details

Group Name: Riverwood Coven

Location: Frederick, Maryland (MD)

Tradition/Spirtual Path: Traditional Gardnerian Wica

Contact Info

Contact: Aeowyn & Hermes

Group Description:

Riverwood Coven is a Traditional Gardnerian coven located in Frederick, MD, open to serious seekers of all skill levels considering initiation into Gardnerian Craft and looking to join a working coven.

Traditional Gardnerian Wica is an initiatory path of Gardnerian Wicca, focused on preserving and practicing the tradition as received by Gerald Gardner.  Our particular practice of Gardnerian Wicca draws from both Long Island Line and Sheffield Line knowledge.  Characteristics of Traditional Gardnerian Wica that differentiate it from other forms of Gardnerian, BTW or General Wicca include:


  1. A focus on the development of the self

  2. A cultivation of Awareness

  3. An orientation towards responsibility in both coven and community dynamics, and

  4. The stewardship and preservation of the Gardnerian Mysteries. 


Traditional Gardnerian Wica is a good path for individuals looking for original source material and quality scholarship related to Gardnerian practice, for couples looking to explore their sacredness through the God and Goddess, and for those seeking a true experience of Gardnerian Craft.

Joining Riverwood Coven is possible, but not easy.  We are discerning in our choice of candidates and require that the seeker be serious about their admission and dedication to the Craft.  Traditional Gardnerian Wica is not for the meek, or the vain, or those who wish to continue to see the world through the dichotomy of Christian ideals.  We are unabashedly Pagan, and will teach you to see life through a Pagan world-view.

If you are interested in learning more about Traditional Gardnerian Wica, or would like to discuss joining or training with Riverwood Coven, please contact us at

To find out more about Traditional Gardnerian Wica or to connect with other Traditional Gardnerian covens, join Traditional Gardnerian Wica - A Seeker's Hub on Facebook.

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Sylvan River Grove - British Traditional Wicca

Group Details

Group Name: Sylvan River Grove

Location: Maryland (MD)

Tradition/Spirtual Path: British Traditional Wicca (BTW)

Contact Info

Contact Name: Sylvan River

Group Description:

Sylvan River Grove is a training group situated in Maryland, and accepting applicants from Maryland and surrounding areas for ongoing enrollment in our BTW outer court.  We meet in person monthly to discuss such topics as British Traditional Wicca, the BTW Wheel of the Year, Sabbats, divination, magick, meditation, ritual and more.  

Working with us for at least a year and a day, you may be considered for, upon request, initiation into our coven. This may or may not require additional time or work, depending on the dedication you have shown in our training group and your aptitude for the material we present.  The training is not a formal outer court or grove model, but rather an ongoing monthly offering which you may or may not choose to continue.  From serious students, we would expect to see consistent effort and attendance, before considering them for admittance to our coven or for further training.

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Starfall Grove - Gardnerian

Group Details

Group Name: Starfall Grove

Location: Woodbine, Maryland (MD)

Tradition/Spirtual Path: Gardnerian

Contact Info

Contact Name: Kore and Nicanthiel

Group Description:

Kore and Nicanthiel: 3* HPS and HP, Long Island Line. Starfall Grove is a Gardnerian outer court training group of Ravensea Coven located in North Western Maryland, about 30 minutes west of Baltimore. We are currently accepting seekers for outer court training on an ongoing basis. At the end of training, a traditional year and a day, seekers may petition to join the inner court. We are LGBTQ friendly and parent-friendly group. We are interested in talking to seekers at all levels, considering initiation into the Gardnerian Tradition.

Contact us at:


We welcome seekers from all over the DMV area. Blessed Be.

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Non-Initiatory Wicca
Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag - Assembly of the Sacred Wheel

Group Details

Group Name: Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag

Location: Kensington, Maryland (MD)

Tradition/Spirtual Path: Assembly of the Sacred Wheel (Wicca)/Non-Initiatory Wicca

Contact Info

Contact: Annie

Group Description:

Our emphasis is on self-development and connection with deity through guided meditations, pathworkings and embodiment of the divine. We are devoted to service - to the community, to the land, and to the divine. We follow a code of ethics, which includes the Wiccan Rede, a willingness to teach others, and the importance of honoring the Earth and its inhabitants.

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