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Welcome to the Illinois groups page. Here you will find both training groups and active covens. You can browse listings by clicking directly on the state listed below, or use the search bar to narrow down results by group name, type or tradition.


Disclaimer: Groups listed here are not vetted by Darksome Moon LLC and the legitimacy of those running the groups are not under our direct knowledge or control. Our purpose is to offer an online space that facilitates connection between groups and seekers. We advise all seekers to be cautious and careful whenever reaching out to those they have not met or do not know.  Where possible, we will list Facebook groups or other sites/contacts that can be used to vet a listing.  

To learn more about what one might expect from a legitimate group, take a look at our Seeker's Guide.

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Initiatory Wicca
Coven of the Healing Well - Living Tapestry Tradition 

Group Details

Group Name: Coven of the Healing Well

Location: Grayslake, Illinois (IL)

Tradition/Spirtual Path: Initiatory Wicca/Living Tapestry Tradition

Contact Info

Contact: Lady Autumn Kitsune

Group Description:

We are a teaching coven with an emphasis on training Clergy. We offer a degree-based program for beginners as well as those with experience looking for formal training. We place a strong emphasis on ethical practice and tolerance for other beliefs as well as personal choice and personal responsibility. Our goal is to be a spiritual family, as well as a place to learn, grow, and challenge ourselves. We honor and encourage diversity among our members.

As a group, we expect openness, trust, and integrity from our members. We desire commitment of time and reliability. We also expect you to have a good life/work balance and be willing to do the deep, personal work that is required for true growth.

We honor both the Goddess and God, as well as Androgyny and non-gendered aspects of deity. We are LGBTQ+ inclusive and expect anyone who joins us to be LGBTQ+ friendly as well. CHW is an adult coven; our members must be at least 21 years old.

We use a private interview process to meet with you and get to know you, and to let you get to know us. If we think you will be compatible with us, and you think you would like to work with us, there is then a "trial" period of candidacy lasting a minimum of one year and one day. We look forward to hearing from you.

Blessed Be!

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Oakmoon Coven - Celtic Eclectic

Group Details

Group Name: OakMoon Coven

Location: Chicago, Illinois (IL), Southwestern suburbs of Chicago

Tradition/Spirtual Path: Celtic Eclectic

Contact Info

Contact: Jenna Morningshadow

Group Description:

We are a small group in the south-west Chicago suburbs. We are primarily a training coven with classes starting at Samhain.

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