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Welcome to the California groups page. Here you will find both training groups and active covens. You can browse listings by clicking directly on the state listed below, or use the search bar to narrow down results by group name, type or tradition.


Disclaimer: Groups listed here are not vetted by Darksome Moon LLC and the legitimacy of those running the groups are not under our direct knowledge or control. Our purpose is to offer an online space that facilitates connection between groups and seekers. We advise all seekers to be cautious and careful whenever reaching out to those they have not met or do not know.  Where possible, we will list Facebook groups or other sites/contacts that can be used to vet a listing.  

To learn more about what one might expect from a legitimate group, take a look at our Seeker's Guide.

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Initiatory Wicca
Order of the Sacred Grove

Group Details

Group Name: Order of the Sacred Grove

Location: Berkeley, Concord, Martinez & Folsom, California (CA)

Tradition/Spirutal Path: Initiatory Wicca

Contact Info

Contact: OSG Mentors

Group Description:

Very excited to have found this site. Would love to add a listing for the Order of the Sacred Grove, a modern American witchcraft tradition in the East Bay area. We are looking forward to planning our next apprentice cycle. Some basic information is below but to learn more about us and, if interested, to submit an apprentice application, seekers can visit us at


You can also email us at The Order of the Sacred Grove is dedicated to the practice of witchcraft and to the establishment of the Temple of the Goddess. We are open to all who seek training and initiation into the ways of the wise. We are devoted to the Goddess in all of Her forms. OSG consists of independent but cooperative covens or groves within the larger order. Each coven develops its own patron gods and may follow an independent, but harmonious magickal current. We believe that witchcraft must remain a living tradition, and although traditional structure is essential, we allow for a free expression of dynamic and fluid energy to express itself through a working group.


The Order offers training for those who wish to become priestesses and priests of the Goddess. We are an initiatory tradition and apprentices are taught by mentors within the Order. We are open to all genders, however, it must be recognized that this is a Goddess oriented group. We encourage freedom of thought and individual expression; "Do What Thou Wilt, An It Harm None." We strive to accommodate a wide range of beliefs and practices.


We currently have two groves, one in Berkeley, CA and one in Concord, CA and we are looking to form new groves in Martinez, CA and one a but farther away in the Folsom CA area.


We would be happy to answer any questions you might have here in this thread or you can email us at Blessed be.

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