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Initiatory Wicca
Order of the Sacred Grove

Group Details

Group Name: Order of the Sacred Grove

Location: Berkeley, Concord, Martinez & Folsom, California (CA)

Tradition/Spirutal Path: Initiatory Wicca

Contact Info

Contact: OSG Mentors

Group Description:

Very excited to have found this site. Would love to add a listing for the Order of the Sacred Grove, a modern American witchcraft tradition in the East Bay area. We are looking forward to planning our next apprentice cycle. Some basic information is below but to learn more about us and, if interested, to submit an apprentice application, seekers can visit us at


You can also email us at The Order of the Sacred Grove is dedicated to the practice of witchcraft and to the establishment of the Temple of the Goddess. We are open to all who seek training and initiation into the ways of the wise. We are devoted to the Goddess in all of Her forms. OSG consists of independent but cooperative covens or groves within the larger order. Each coven develops its own patron gods and may follow an independent, but harmonious magickal current. We believe that witchcraft must remain a living tradition, and although traditional structure is essential, we allow for a free expression of dynamic and fluid energy to express itself through a working group.


The Order offers training for those who wish to become priestesses and priests of the Goddess. We are an initiatory tradition and apprentices are taught by mentors within the Order. We are open to all genders, however, it must be recognized that this is a Goddess oriented group. We encourage freedom of thought and individual expression; "Do What Thou Wilt, An It Harm None." We strive to accommodate a wide range of beliefs and practices.


We currently have two groves, one in Berkeley, CA and one in Concord, CA and we are looking to form new groves in Martinez, CA and one a but farther away in the Folsom CA area.


We would be happy to answer any questions you might have here in this thread or you can email us at Blessed be.

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DarkStar Coven - Gardnerian

Group Details

Group Name: DarkStar Coven

Location: Sacramento, California (CA)

Tradition/Spirutal Path: Gardnerian Wicca

Contact Info

Contact: Kalisha

Group Description:

DarkStar is an autonomous Gardnerian coven located in the metropolitan area of Sacramento, California. Gardnerian Wicca is an initiatory, oath-bound, orthopraxic, Witchcraft tradition that traces its roots directly to Gerald Gardner - who was the father of modern Wicca. In DarkStar we worship the Old Gods and practice the Art of Witchcraft for personal, spiritual, and magical growth. Gardnerian Wicca is a Priesthood of the Old Pagan Gods - but we do not have a congregation like a church.

Generally speaking, Wicca in it's myriad of forms is now the only major religion that England has given to the world! Gardnerian Wicca is a branch of what is sometimes called initiatory or traditional Wicca. There are many misconceptions about our tradition. Suffice to say, being in the tradition does not mean that we are rigid or consider ourselves better than other Witches. We acknowledge that there are many other forms of Witchcraft - we are simply called to this particular path because it resonates with us.

DarkStar was founded in 2001. Some coven members have decades of experience in the Craft. Our Gardnerian lineage is through both Eleanor Bone and Patricia Crowther - two of Gerald Gardner's High Priestesses in England. Our credentials can be readily confirmed via our contacts with other Gardnerians worldwide. DarkStar is a private group and we do not hold open public meetings.

DarkStar Coven is an inclusive group of adults that embrace diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, gender, or sexual orientation. We believe in equal rights for all. As a group, our focus in DarkStar is experiential - we do not do everything exactly the same way at all times - but we do have a certain amount of ritual structure.

If you are a beginner, we suggest that you do some preliminary research in order to figure out what sort of Pagan or Witchcraft group you are looking for before approaching anyone to ask about training or membership. (Wikipedia has some fairly decent pages on Modern Paganism and Witchcraft traditions). It's important to be informed before contacting a group because there is a great deal of variety.

Once you have done some research, if you are *specifically* drawn to the Gardnerian tradition, you must meet the following criteria: You are over 18 years of age (we prefer 21+); you are of good character; you have reliable transportation; you are able to meet 2-3 times a month on weekends. If you are outside of our commuting area, some travel will definitely be required. If we decide to work with you, some training *may* be done via Zoom but initiations cannot be done online. Our coven's Circles are in person.

Before contacting us, we strongly suggest that you read the following books first:

Thorn Mooney: "Traditional Wicca: A Seeker's Guide" (2018) - written by a Gardnerian High Priestess.


(Helpful hints for finding a group)

Thea Sabin: "Wicca for Beginners: Fundamentals of Philosophy & Practice" (1983, 2006) (An overview and introduction to traditional Wicca that includes basic philosophy and some exercises for beginners.)

If you wish to be considered for training, you mush have sound ethics and be able to take responsibility for your words and deeds. You need to exhibit a serious desire towards personal growth and learning. You must be able and willing to work as part of the coven for around 5-7 years. Please be mindful that any previous experience you hae does not necessarily put you on a fast track towards initiation or advancing in the coven - but it may count towards some of our requirements. This is a lifetime commitment for most people.

Do note that we take whatever time is necessary to get to know potential candidates. We will only consider those who we feel are the right fit for us - which also means that we need to be the right fit for you! Everyone is the group is expected to work together towards the greater good under the guidance of the coven leaders. Please be advised that there is no guarantee that if you begin to work with us that you will be initiated. Honestly, sometimes it simply does not work out. If that happens, we will try to refer you to another group.

It is your responsibility when contacting us to send a Letter of Introduction that includes your age, occupation, and the town you live in or nearby. Please indicate where you heard about us. Also, include a paragraph or two stating why you are interested in the Gardnerian tradition. We do not respond to requests asking to join our coven with no personal content - so please introduce yourself. Thank you!

DarkStar Coven can be reached at: