Today, I Married the Sea

By Kore Ravensea

© 2020 Kore Ravensea.  All rights reserved.

Today, I married the sea Like a warm hug, embraced in her waves, I was drowned in ecstasy I tasted her salty lips and Swam under and through her limbs She caressed me, she refreshed me, From the previous state I was in Today, I married the sea, A union that will not soon be unbound For from the sea I was born, and reborn, And from the sea I was found Today, I married the sea, And my end was where she began, And my beginning was at her end I will always stand by her side, my first, My forever love and friend Today, I married the sea, And the Goddess was alive, pulsing through me With every crash, I stand unafraid With every pulse, she fills me to the brim I’ve come back to where my heart has always been Today, I married the sea.


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