The Phoenix

By Iristar Moon

© 2020 Iristar Moon.  All rights reserved.

With sword in one hand And shield in fist The knight stands ready Surrounded by mist

He feels - not seeing - As he draws them his way For the light that approaches Is not from the day

He deals the death blow To one who is near The body slowly crumbles As the mist quickly clears

He turns to the left And delivers the blow But except for the shadows There is nary a foe

The light then appears and Is sparkling and bright While the knight suddenly knows He has seen his last fight

While his hands turn to wings And his head is a crown His body is covered With feather and down

The Phoenix emerges The dark, shadowy being As the men's eyes are glazed Blinded, not seeing

The bodys around him Are blazing in fire But the Phoenix has triumphed And soars ever higher

Untouchable...unreachable To all that draw near This price for his freedom Is that which he fears

#powerofprayer #keepingthefaith #religion


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