Spring Again!

By Iristar Moon

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Spring again – to be out in the garden with the sun on my back feeling the light breeze or the chilly wind, which is totally dependent on how early in the calendar we are. I’m drawn to get out there. Got to get out there! All it takes is a bright sunny day for my fingers to itch to work the soil and my once stagnant feet to pull me to

the closest door to peek at what is

happening outside. I open the door and stand there taking in the smell of the dank, musty earth awakening to the demands of the sun to, “Look alive and produce!" Shake off that Winter slumber and quiet repose. The early plants bursting from their bulbs are the first to pop their heads through the moist soil although they are hard to see through the piles of fall leaves, sticks, and last year’s dead plants. The robins, skunks, and deer have already begun work digging beneath the brown debris. Dirt and leaves are thrown about, covering the edges of paths and walkways. The telltale signs that the world is waking up.

I cannot wait a moment longer. I turn and run back into the house to get the gardening gloves and an old dirty bucket that I have used so many Springs before to collect the refuse. I burst outside into the sunshine while hurriedly pulling on my gloves. I stop just outside the front door bending over to gather the leaves that have blown into the garden all winter long. As I lift handfuls of the crumbling, crackling leaves I realize again with much more intensity the smell of the rich, dark, mysterious earth. I need to sit to be closer to this deep, welcoming, musty, all embracing scent.

Warming to my task, I remove Old Winter while discovering New Spring. So magical to find beneath this dead covering the bright green and pale-yellow shoots of the new born cycle. Crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and irises reveal themselves. Each a fascination of their own creation and beauty. Little surprises in the dirt appear and I feel they were placed as a treat just for me as I lift away the old and decaying to see the rejuvenation and germination of Spring. Extremely exciting and so refreshing as Spring lifts my spirits and starts to transform me as well.

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