By Kore RavenSea

© 2022 Kore RavenSea.  All rights reserved.

Solace is the end of the day

As I lay down to sleep

And let go of the grief that I carry

And wear right on my sleeve

Solace is the dark of the night

The breeze on my face

The quiet, still shadows

The Earth’s warm embrace

Solace is the Goddess’ presence

As a stand before her and cry

Where I can be most vulnerable

Where I need not even try

Solace is the leaves on the tree

As they whisper sweet songs

The waves of the ocean

That carry me along

Solace is the breath in my body

The tide of the moon

The love of a lover

Whose kiss makes me swoon

Solace is the sun at the solstice

The warmth of the sand

Solace is you and me

As we walk hand and hand

Solace is the love of the Gods

Forever guiding my way

It’s the gift that they give me

Being in their presence, day after day

#darksomemoon #darksomemoonpoems


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