Rebirth of the Son

By Iristar Moon

© 2022 Iristar Moon.  All rights reserved.

It is time, as movement swells around me.

I have prepared since before my body came to be.

My body, tucked and secured, responds to Earth's own rhythmic force

To descend in excitement and anticipation of this course.

I feel the push and strain of Life's survival,

The weight to which my strength and will are vital.

There is no hurt or suffering to leave my precious portal

But only calmness and patience as I become... mortal.

So through the holy waters of life I begin to flow

I pass downward as my inner memory absorbs all that I know.

I burst into light as gentle hands force me to see.

The support of my body is on that which is She.

Through my eyes which are veiled I took intently to the sound.

I am as much in awareness as the face l have found.

It is She I have chosen as She has chosen in kind.

For the lives we have passed through are forever entwined.

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