One and One Makes Three

By Neil Barker

© 2020 Neil Barker.  All rights reserved.

I started a new journey with the woman that I adore. We started walking down a street, it swiftly morphed into a shore. We took off our shoes and meandered down the beach. The sunset was beautiful as the cove we did reach. Night arrived quickly while we sat there and talked. Then hand in hand into the stars we walked. We moved slowly across the dark side of the moon. She pointed in the direction of mars and said “this way, we’ll reach a doorway soon”. A few moments later we paused and shared a kiss before the door . Then the door opened and we stepped through to a place I’d never been before. We watched unicorns fly across the skies. Then a dragon appeared before our eyes. He spoke with us at length and bid us well. It was time for us to continue, now that we had rested a spell. We turned to the left and another door appeared. We stepped through into a fog, the door closed and the sky cleared. Before us sat a table, laden with food and meade. We sat down to feast and thanked the universe for providing that which we need. After we’d finished, I kissed her hand. We set out together to cross this land. Somehow we both knew, that this is where faeries play. And most certainly would meet some today. When they appeared we stopped to chat. I heard one whisper he looks different without his hat. We talked with them for several minutes, then they all moved back. Then one came to us, after emerging from the pack. Thank you for coming and being our guest. But it’s soon time for you both to awaken from your rest. You renewed our faith and allowed us to see. Exactly how one and one makes three. Your love for her is honest, true, and easy to believe. Likewise her feelings for you, but she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve. When you are together the universe energy is drawn and joins with thee. You, her, and the universe... one and one makes three. The faeries opened the door. As we entered, we glimpsed our bodies resting from across the floor. We stopped to embrace, share one more kiss and exchange whispered words of love. We awoke rested from our journey amongst the stars above. We looked at each other and said one and one makes three. As we now recognize that the universe joins My Love and me.

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