Nymphs on the Storm Moon

By Elyse Welles

© 2022 Elyse Welles.  All rights reserved.

Nymphs and nature The fae of Greece flowing water twisting trees the powerful surprise of a falling leaf the sturdy crush of the rushing spring down the mountain Oreiads leap And in the sunlight Dryads weep Cut, damaged by graffiti Nonetheless they are free In the night or dark rainy days The Nereids and Naiads splash & play The Dryads and Oreiads Dance under the moon A full moon A storm moon Unobserved, they persist

Author Bio: Elyse is a writer and author, a tour guide in Greece, a spiritual coach online, cohost for the Magick Kitchen Podcast, and runs Seeking Numina, her YouTube channel, unconventionally chronicling her to spiritual travels through immersive meditations, natural ambience, and history to bring you the spirit of place no matter where you are in the world. When she's not traveling, she is a "seaside hedge witch", often found in the kitchen, walking the sea, or reading with her cat, Emma. Follow Elyse on Instagram and Facebook @seekingnumina and check out seekingnumina.com to sign up for her newsletter for free downloadable workbooks and discounts on services and upcoming events.

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