Meet Louie-Baba-Booey...

By E. E. Warren

© 2020 E. E. Warren.  All rights reserved.

We'll be inundated with a spate of articles about resolutions this year. Rather than an article on losing your COVID 20, or reforming your binge watching, or reading all those books on your Kindle list (all good ideas), how about an idea that might change things with a little magic?

Meet Louie-baba-ooey, my altar rock.

Photo of Louie-Baba-Booey by E.E. Warren

Altar rock, not pet rock, though he does prefer male pronouns.

We all choose our tools based on what calls to us. Otherwise, we would’ve left them wherever we found them, right? I found Louie at Turning Wheel in Baltimore. I loved the feel, the energy - the vibe I got when I picked him up. He fits in the palm of my hand perfectly, and I love his colors. I had no idea what he would become. He went from being a pretty bauble that sat on my altar to one of my most important tools.

Louie has been present at every magical working I’ve done since I got him ten years ago. He

long since stopped sitting on my altar. He’s carried with me.

As witchy types, we deal in intention and symbolic shorthand every day. It’s how magic is

underpinned. It’s not just words we say, or like a recipe: when you put all these items in a jar,

now light the candle and say these words...voila!...magic happens. Instead, when we place

objects together, our brain sees them as symbols, representative of ideas that we interpret and assign meaning to. That’s where the magic happens. It’s the meaning we have assigned, whether we know we did it or not, plus the intention we have for a particular outcome, plus the energy raised by our emotions/surroundings/actions that turns our thoughts into reality.

Now what does ALL THAT have to do with Louie?

I realized about nine years ago that Louie represented a ‘shorthand’ in my mind. Some items on my altar changed. Louie was a constant, and I realized that he had been there for all of it. To my mind, he wasn’t just ON my altar - he represented my altar. Once I realized that, I began to carry him everywhere. If I need to do magic on the go....I have my portable altar, Louie, with me. He represents all the magic I’ve done...will ever do....and all of the gooey, lovely power inherent in that.

He’s a calm place in the storm, like an altar/sacred space should be. He has the vibe he always had from the first moment he sat in my palm, plus the vibe he has accrued over years of standing in for my altar when I’m nowhere near it. It’s nice to know you can carry that feeling with you. It doesn’t need to be a