Jar Spells for Today

By Luna Moss

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Call them jar spells or bottle spells - in witchcraft they can be used for anything and everything. Strength, love, hate, pain, positivity, career. Everything from the mundane, like inspiration, to the more complicated, like love attraction. If we look back to witches from long ago, and by this I mean back in, say, the 1700’s or so, a witches’ bottle was mainly used for two reasons: protection or cursing. Protection jars were used to protect from other people, from evil spirits and from other witches. Additionally, if someone did a witch wrong, they might pay a price depending on how strong the witch’s bottle was. Witch bottles or jar spells were also used for cursing or hexing, to drive someone or something away, or to seek retribution for a perceived evil.

Nowadays, you can use a witch’s bottle for anything you wish to manifest. Witches’ bottles can help to keep our focus in such a crazy and hectic world. I know it helps me. I have used a great number of witch bottles for a number of things. But what I use are dry jars, and I will focus on their use here.

So, why use dry jars rather than wet? My reason for only using dry components in jars is because I know this jar will stay with me and I don’t want any liquid fermentation or explosions to occur. Liquids also tend to get yucky looking after a while. The special thing with using dry jar spells is that you can keep them and recharge them by shaking them as often as you need. If you feel the power is waning, melt another candle on top or give it a good shake. You do not need to melt the entire candle on top of your jar or bottle unless you feel it is necessary, and the wax can be any color that matches your corresponding intent. In my example, which we will look at shortly, my jar was for inspiration, so I used

a lot of yellow, including a yellow candle. Dry jar spells do not have to be a one-time use, my friends. And they are much prettier with dried herbs and melted wax!

There are a few things I would like to point out to those who are interested in using dry jar spells. I have seen a good number of folks who wish to make jar spells, and I think this is great. It is an easy way to get in touch with your craft – it gives you a way to use and study herbs, crystals and color correspondence to gain what you want. It also helps to have a clear vision. Another reason I like to use dry jars (as opposed to wet) is because the dry jars tend to keep well. For those of you on a budget, reusing your pasta jars, pickle jars, jam jars and pickled egg jars are great for these types of spells. Even baby food jars would work.

Now, you may want to think about which jars you would use for different types of spells. For example, I would use jam jars for sweetening spells, and the sourer jars, like the pickle jars, for sour spells. It is also important to think about the components of the spell and whether or not they support your intention. Sugar works perfectly for sweetening jars, and ground red peppers work just as good for a sour jar spell.

When I make a jar spell, I add my corresponding herbs and with each herb I let it know what its purpose is for in the spell as I add it to my jar. In this way I am setting my intention with the herb and for the jar. Then, if needed, I add one or more crystals. I will also put my petition inside with the who and/or the what that I desire. Once I am done adding the jar components, I seal the top with a colored wax, which I also choose based on the appropriate correspondence.

Photos provided by Luna Moss. © 2021 Luna Moss.  All rights reserved.

I have a jar with me that I have had for over a year now. It is my inspiration jar. It is filled with Spanish moss, chamomile, rosemary, sage, salt and lavender. I added a pink quartz for self-love and my petition that I anointed with crown of success oil. When I need inspiration or to get my mind going in the right direction, I give my jar a shake to activate the herbs’ magical properties and light a candle. Now, I don’t always light a candle and melt wax on top of it. Sometimes a good shake is all I need to get back in tune with myself and release the magic. But, in those instances when I need a good push, I will light my candle and let the melted wax drip and run down the jar as I think about the purpose of this bottle and what it means to me. I always feel more confident after doing so.

Once you are done with a jar, there are several methods you can use to dispose of it. Traditionally, witches’ bottles were cast into moving water; today, however, this may be seen as littering. If you still wish to cast jars into moving water, you can use smaller jars from the outset and make sure they are made of biodegradable materials, such as glass.

For those of you who do need to dispose of the jars but do not wish to cast them into moving water, you can wrap them in a bag, separate from your other garbage. With the right intent of completion, then place your bag in your garbage. Now, if this is a hex or curse or any sort of jar spell with malicious intentions, I would recommend you dispose of it in another garbage can, not yours. I suggest finding a public place where you can dispose of your jar, like a public trash can. Keeping that sort of negativity around you could give it a chance to stick around. You could also consider burying the jar, to “ground” the energy, and dispose of the contents. Always set this with your intention as you discard the bottle, to

deactivate the spell.

All in all, dry jar spells work perfectly for those who wish to do a one-time spell that can be refreshed and used continually. I hope you have a blessed experience in your jar crafting. Until we Merry Meet again, Blessed Be.

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