Hekate Home Blessing

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

By Luna Moss

© 2021 Luna Moss.  All rights reserved.

Hekate is my patron Goddess. She has been with me since the moment I realized my path. Of course, I didn’t know it at the time, but when I heard the crows calling I discovered who this Liminal Goddess is. Hekate is mostly known as a dark goddess, triple-formed and most recently has taken on the maiden-mother-crone aspects. However, as those who have done research on Hekate know, Hekate does much more than just assist with curses and hexes. Hekate is a Goddess of childbearing, of hunters, and of home protection. In times past, many homes would have a statue of Hekate at their entryway and there is some discussion as to if this was to welcome or deter the dead with Hekate’s blessing.

When I moved, I wanted Hekate to be a part of my home since she helped to get me to the place I am today. With that being said I created a spell to invite Hekate into my home and to continue watching over and blessing me and my family.

To engage with Hekate on this working, I talked to her and invite her in, telling her that I know I had been busy with moving and getting me and my children settled with all the other issues that we face today but letting her know she is always welcome here. I had already begun to feel her presence. That energy that we all feel when our God or Goddess brings their energy and fills the spaces around us. It was then that I began my spell. To start, I gathered a few items, including candles.

The most common-colored candles used with Hekate are white and black, although some say you can use purple or silver, but I chose white. The corresponding herbs I used were from her garden. These included Valerian root for protection and to attract her blessings, chamomile for prosperity and to remove stress, and Lavender for home blessings and wisdom. These were my choices. They were herbs I already had in my pantry, and they are also herbs that Hekate grew in her garden.

During this time of year, pomegranates, which is a fruit associated with Hekate, are easily obtainable at my local grocery store and I happened to have them on hand, so I used them in the spell. I also used eggs as they are also associated with Hekate offerings as well as represent protection in a working. A few other choices that can be used are shells, honey, breads and spirits.

Once I’d collected and assembled my candles, herbs and other items, I began calling out to Hekate with the following three epithets:

“Hekate. Pammeter. Mother to All.

Hekate. Enodia. Guardian of the Crossroads.

Hekate. Episkopos. The one who watches over.”

I recited the epithet three times and then lit my incense. In this case, I used Dragon’s Blood.

Then I said:

“Witch Mother, Hekate. Bless this home with your torches of protection. Watch over our home all those who reside here. Bestow upon us the keys to your blessings and guide us be fruitful and prosperous.”

I then called out the three epithets once more. I thanked her for hearing me and let the candles burn.

Once the spell is completed and the candles have burned out, all remains will be buried at the front steps to my home and the food will be left at the crossroads.

I hope this has given you a brief idea of how to work with Hekate. That she isn’t a scary dark goddess but that she is also a loving one, one who cares for her followers and is always there to guide and assist.


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