It's Not Your Imagination

By E. E. Warren

© 2020 E. E. Warren.  All rights reserved.

There's a lot of witches out there these days.

Even mainstream media has noticed. The rise of the witches is no accident. We are a gift from the Goddess to a stressed-out, weary world, and the answer for where the world is, right now. We are the balm meant to both heal and help bring about change.

"Change the world," you say. "How?" We are magic, all of us, whether we realize it or not. Those of us who are witches feel this, instinctively.

Want to do something to help make a change for the better?

It's easy, and simple, and full of intention. It's a meditation for a tired world that aches for peace - a gift of love and power: Magic, from your soul, to a world that sorely needs it.

Quiet your mind, ground yourself.

As you breathe in, concentrate on your breaths, and mentally say, 'I am magic.'

As you breathe out, say, 'I give my magic to the world.'

When I do this, I visualize my breath, as it exits my body, as having little itty-bitty sparklies, that float to wherever they need to be the most. If you have a hard time visualizing it, think of glitter. Remember the last time you used it? If you get a little of it someplace, you can't make it go away. And that's not counting glitter bombs, or four year-olds turned loose with craft supplies...

The magic we're exhaling out might as well be magic glitter. Those who stand against us, try as hard as they might, won't be able to make us go away; no matter what they say or do, they won't be able to make our magic go away, either - just like that pesky glitter. There's a reason that people have traditionally feared witches. Our love and our intent can change things, and we're like a tide, rising. Many of those people don't like the change we represent, and can bring. They never did.

I get many (if not most) of my story ideas from dreams. I saw the sigil above in one, and I'm sharing it here for anyone that wants to use it. I call it 'Seeds of Love.' If you're so inclined, you can visualize it if you choose to do the meditation. Or simply see magic glitter drifting on the wind like dandelion seeds.

Whatever you do, send your intentions out there, and know that we are able to make a difference in the world. We're all here, at this time, in this place, for a reason. Be present.

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