Hecate: History and origins

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Hecate is a goddess from early Greek religion but some theories suggest she derived from the Carians in Asia. She is the daughter of Perseus and Asteria but some say she is the daughter of Zeus. Hecate has domain over heaven, earth and sea. She is the goddess of witchcraft, magic, crossroads, keeper of the keys between this world and the next, among other things. Hecate has some history in the

Egyptian religion as well.

The goddess Heqet, sometimes spelled Heket, is the goddess of fertility. Some scholars proposed that her name is the origin of Hecate.

Hecate also has history in the Anatolian region. Many scholars claim she originated in Caria, an area in the south Mediterranean, and was adopted in the Greek pantheon. The Carian people were highly devoted to her. Hecate was the main deity worshipped in Lagina. She resembles a lot like the ancient goddess in Caria. A few of the sun goddesses before the Greek era had many of the same attributes as Hecate.

There is another origin story saying Hecate was once human, a princess named Iphigenia. Artemis saved her from death and turned her into a goddess. There are a lot of conflicting stories of her origins, which is why she is so mysterious. No matter where she came from, we all can agree she is a powerful goddess with many names. Hecate is always there if you just reach out to her. She will show you all the mysteries. Hecate is a goddess who has survived the test of time.

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