By Kore Ravensea

© 2021 Kore Ravensea.  All rights reserved.

I’m standing there, as you gaze down;

A glowing white aura, like a crown.

I know their end is growing near,

I reach out my hand and tell them there’s naught to fear,

It’s like a dream she says, and they embrace,

I am honored to share with them, this time and space.

She stands aloft again, ready to depart;

I see the slowing beats of their heart.

She nods at me, and knows I understand -

A kiss, a blessing, and they release my hand.

They stand as equals, side by side;

They’re smiling now, no more fear left inside.

She thanks me once again and carries them away,

I’ll see you tomorrow, she says. Another day.

I know I am blessed to do this work,

To stand in your presence, even just to lurk,

I honor the day you called for my devotion,

I give you my love, an eternal ocean.

Another one now is drawing to a close;

I sing a song, offer my hand, recite some prose.

I comfort and provide, as we wait,

We both know this is your fate.

The glowing aura appears again;

Goodbye from this world, my dear friend,

Take care of them I say, and know she will,

My wish for them, she will fulfill.

Some fear her, some run away,

Some avoid her, day after day,

But one day, She will come -

Indeed, She comes for everyone.

And when she comes that day, don’t cower and cry;

Kiss me, hug me, then say goodbye,

There is more beyond this place,

So sink deeper now into her embrace.

Shut your eyes and just let go,

Be as one, the ebb and flow,

Trust that when she comes for thee,

In her presence, blessed you’ll be.

With no beginning, and without end;

Goodbye, My dear, see you later, friend.

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