Creative Solutions for the Thrifty Pagan

By Kore Ravensea

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Something that's been on my mind lately, especially with almost a year of a global pandemic going on, is the need to be a thrifty witch. Often people ask me how they can do witchcraft on a budget. There's even Facebook groups now dedicated to this subject.

Heres' the thing you need to know: You do not need to be rich to be a witch. You can definitely practice witchcraft on a budget. There are so many creative ideas out there about how to repurpose items that may be currently sitting in your kitchen or living room. There are many cheaper ways to set up altars or make your own working tools.

The following are some of recommendations I've developed over the years and some that I hope will help you on your witchcraft journey. Ideally, we'd all be able to afford the most beautiful statues and most elegant tools, but since that's not always a reality, there are many ways we can be just as effective as witches on a budget.


Witchcrafting on a Budget:

Here are some suggestions to do witchcraft on a budget:

  • Repurpose pill bottles and glass food containers. I currently have a large collection of old pill bottles, sitting in several drawers in my kitchen. Old pill bottles can have many uses. You can use them for spell work, for sure. They also make GREAT storage containers for herbs and incense. Every time I create a blend of incense, I take a pill bottle, peel off the wrapper, and label the type of incense or herb with a sharpie marker. The greatest part? This doesn't cost me a dime. Glass food containers additionally make fantastic storage containers. They can also be used for honey pot spells, which is a type of spell to “sweeten” situations in your life. Just take some honey or sugar and pour it in your glass jar. Put your intentions on a piece of paper, and place the paper inside the jar. Shake it up, and watch the sweetness come to you! (It is also recommended to burn a candle on top of the jar during each full moon. I use small tea lights).

  • Use natural materials from outdoors to make magickal tools. Around Yule this year, I got the idea that I was going to make some new wands. I gathered some branches from trees at my local park and I brought them home. I sanded the branches and cut off the sharp edges. I then dyed them with black tea. Finally, I added dried berries and pine cones. This project cost me less than $5 and these are beautiful wands. I'm a big fan of making your own tools when possible, and this is a cheap and effective way to do this. Gather from Mother Nature, but make sure to ask permission before taking any items. Besides outdoor materials, I recently saw someone repurpose wax from a candle to make a wand! Be creative! There are many unique ways to reuse items that are in your household. Wax, especially, can be molded into any shape you wish. I've even seen pentacles made out of wax!

  • Buy loose herbs and incense materials in bulk. Believe it or not, it's actually cheaper to buy incense and herbs in bulk. I know so many witches that spend tons of money on incense. Why not make your own? Make a one time purchase of your favorite herbs or incense materials and grind them up with a pestle and mortar, or even a coffee grinder! Voila! You have incense for a year, and if you go through them like I do, this will save you a lot of money in the long run!

  • Collect stones, rocks, seashells from your favorite outdoor places. Adorn your altars with these natural items. I recently created a sea altar. A prominent part of this altar is a bunch of hand collected sea shells. I adorned my altar with these shells, and I gifted them to my Goddess. Rocks and stones can also be a great decorative and meaningful item for your altars, and they cost absolutely nothing.

  • Can't afford bulk herbs or incense materials from your local witchcraft shop? No worries. Did you know that you can buy many herbs used for magickal spells in your local Dollar Tree? Christmas Tree Shop? Or even the local grocery store? Many herbs, such as basil, cinnamon, salt, pepper, rosemary, are more are available in local food stores and can be used in spell work.

  • Speaking of the Dollar Tree... I know the stock varies, depending on where you located, but the dollar tree has numerous items that can be used in witchcraft. In our local dollar tree, there are pillar candles and tea lights for a dollar a piece. There is also nice glassware. Need a cup or a bowl for your altar? Check out your local Dollar Tree.

  • Use your kitchen! Need a cauldron for your spell? No problem. Cast iron pots and pans are just as effective, and many people have them in their kitchens. In a pinch, even a ceramic mug will work. Mugs are also just as effective for water dishes or salt dishes for your altar. They also make great containers for libations.

  • Visit your local thrift store, like Good Will or the Salvation Army. I have repurposed so many items from my local Good Will, including the stand I use for my incense burner. Walk in and look around. You might be surprised what you will find. Bonus: Check out the books. You never know what might pop up!

  • Plant your own garden. Grow your own flowers. Do you do a lot of spell work that involves herbs and other plants? Do you need a living flower for your altar? No problem! Grow your own. Most seeds cost less than a dollar, and with a little nurturing, you can have altar plants all through the warmer months of the year.

  • Is space an issue? You don't need a lot of space for an altar. I've had the honor of meeting many witches from different walks of life. People live all over the world, in different places, and with different financial circumstances. Cramped where you live? No problem. Use a shelf as altar space. I actually did this with my spouse in our first apartment. We each had a shelf for our altar, and it didn't take up much room at all. Tops of dressers are also great for altar spaces.

  • Make your own divination materials. Collect some shells or stones and add runes to them. You can paint them on or draw them on with marker. You can also scry with water, clouds, or fire for absolutely free! You don't need numerous fancy tarot decks. Make your own divination set. It will be just a effective.

Remember. It's not money that makes you a better witch-it's your heart, your soul, and your spirit. You are just as valid as any other witch. Look for materials around your home and outdoor spaces. Look in thrift stores, grocery stores, dollar stores, and other local shops. Repurpose what you can. Recycle what you can't. Be creative, and stay positive. You are loved. You are amazing.

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