Celebrating Ostara/Spring Equinox With Your Children

Updated: Feb 18

By Kore RavenSea

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As Spring approaches, many of you may be starting to plan your rituals and activities for the sabbat. I belong to several pagan communities, and I am a children's author. People are always asking me for recommendations on what to do with their kiddos on the sabbats. Here are some suggestions for brightening up your Ostara/Spring this year!

  1. The Easter Bunny is an icon across America around Easter, but Easter itself is a Christian-based holiday. My son's father and I decided to eliminate the Christian holidays, even the secular traditions. As such, we started gifting our son a basket from the Spring Goddess each year. We fill this basket with some food treats, books, and pagan paraphernalia appropriate for the child's age. Our son doesn't even miss the Easter Bunny now.

  2. Egg hunts are a fun thing to do with your kids around Ostara/Spring. Egg hunts are not just an Easter thing! Eggs are about a celebration of life, and spring is when the Earth comes alive again. Hide eggs around your house. If you don't want to give out too much candy, consider filling the eggs with stones, shells, or even coins.

  3. Make a spring wreath out of flowers. Spring is a time where some beautiful flowers start to bloom. Pick flowers with your child and make a wreath or crown of flowers. They can wear it proudly during the sabbat. You might even consider making one for yourself.

  4. Make a spring-themed wind chime or mobile. It can be fun to gather spring items outside, or even plastic eggs for use in a wind chime or mobile for your child. Assemble together and enjoy all year round!

  5. Dyeing eggs is a timeless classic. You can choose to order pagan-themed or spring theme stickers to decorate with. Be creative! Also, consider dyeing the eggs naturally, with beats, onions, or other natural plants that produce color.

  6. Prepare a meal or leave an offering for the Gods. Find a fun Spring recipe and prepare it with your child. Consider leaving some out for the Gods and educating your child on libation.

  7. Plants some seeds and consider growing a garden or some flowers this year! You can easily make this an activity to do with your children.

  8. Have a nature scavenger hunt. Come up with naturally occurring objects for your child to find at a local park or even in your backyard.

  9. Read your favorite Ostara/Spring story at bedtime. Get your children involved in learning about the sabbat and the meaning behind it.

  10. Paint a spring-themed picture or make spring-themed decoration. Often I find that creative pursuits are a great way to connect with children and the Gods. Consider collaborating on a spring picture or making your own to display around the house. Similarly, decorations can help brighten up the home around the sabbats. Create some creative spring-themed decorations. You may not need to go further than your own backyard.

A happy Spring to all who celebrate. May it be filled with the warmth of the Sun and kindle the Love with the heart's of your family.

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