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Kerry Mairie

Kerry Mairie My insta handle is @drawing_down_lore Blog: Etsy: Submission Titles are as follows (top to bottom): "Tarot Equus - The Fool" 2018 "Tarot Equus - The Emperor" 2019 "Tarot Equus - The Gates of Samhain" 2020 Watercolor and colored pencil. Copyright Kerry Mairie 2018 - 2020. All rights reserved.

Gemma Zoe Jones

Gemma Zoe Jones Artwork: Paintings, Inkwork, Sculpture Instagram: Copyright Gemma Zoe Joes 2020. All rights reserved.

Cassandra Pennyfeather

Cassandra Pennyfeather Artwork: Website: Description: Blog, art and Pagan gear for today's modern Pagan. Member of Ár nDraíocht Fein and Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Paganism is an important part of my life as it incorporates my love of nature, honors my ancestors and teaches me about other cultures in the world. My artwork is an extension of my spirituality. Copyright Cassandra Pennyfeather 2020. All rights reserved.

Pagan Authors & Poets

Janet Callahan

Poet/Author: Janet Callahan Website: About: Author and priestess Janet Callahan has had articles published in several anthologies and on various websites, as well as on her own blogs. She has had poetry published on the now defunct She's also published an eBook on being a Pagan Parent in the NICU, and has written a mini-course on planning for Pagan holidays. Most recently, she published Parenting Pagan Tots, her first "real" book. Ms. Callahan has been Pagan for more than 15 years, and spent many years as a solitary before finding the right group. She trained under a Dianic coven in the Detroit area and was initiated as a Mother priestess at Imbolc 2007. She is also currently a 2nd degree student with a more traditional Wiccan coven that focuses on family-based practice. She considers herself to be a Modern American Polytheist - a mixture of syncretistic polytheism, techno-Paganism, pop-culture magick, Wicca, and Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG). Pagan Parent Resources Link: A Pagan Parenting resource - Curated categorized links, a blog, book reviews, and a podcast.


Poet/Author: Leohnorah Social Media Info: Website: Youtube: Leohnorah on Youtube Instagram: @_that_crafty_crow Orphic Hymn to Hecate Copyright 2020 Leohnorah. All rights reserved.

Pagan Blogs

Our Sacred Mother, Lady Florida

Blog Name: Our Sacred Mother, Lady Florida Blog Synopsis: A compendium of theories, practices, and "recieved stories" of the Sovereign Land often referred to as Lady Florida, but existing beyond those geographical boundaries. This began as one person's project and has since blossomed to include work of many others in the region. Share and contribute your own!

Pagan Podcasts

Seeking Witchcraft

Podcast Name: Seeking Witchcraft Podcast Description: Seeking Witchcraft is a podcast aimed for beginner witches that are just starting out and who want to get involved and learn more about Witchcraft and/or Wicca. All episodes are hosted by Ashley, a Gardnerian Witch living on the East Coast. Episodes are roughly 30 minutes or less in order to give the most clear and concise information about various topics within this area without the need to search for hours for answers. This podcast features occasional hosts, such as noteable Pagan authors, Wiccan High Priests and Priestesses, and other knowledgeable Witches. Seeking Witchcraft can be heard wherever podcasts play, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio or

Pagan YouTube

The Spaces Between with Paisley Wilde

Podcast Name: The Spaces Between Creator: Paisley Wilde Website: About: My name is Paisley Wilde. I'm a solitary Eclectic Pagan in North Idaho. The banks of Lake Pend Oreille are my home. I've a connection to the mountain around me, the earth under my feet, and the water within this valley. As I explore what it means to be a Pagan in today's society, I've invited you to join me. We will touch on different beliefs and practices, what is Paganism and how it is different from Shamanism. We will brush the occult and learn together. Welcome! Copyright 2020 Paisley Wilde. All rights reserved.