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Disclaimer: Groups listed here are not vetted by Darksome Moon LLC and the legitimacy of those running the groups are not under our direct knowledge or control. Our purpose is to offer an online space that facilitates connection between groups and seekers. We advise all seekers to be cautious and careful whenever reaching out to those they have not met or do not know.  Where possible, we will list Facebook groups or other sites/contacts that can be used to vet a listing.  

To learn more about what one might expect from a legitimate group, take a look at our Seeker's Guide.

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Wicca Gardneriana en Chile - Gardnerian

Group Details Group Name: Wicca Gardneriana en Chile Location: Santiago City, Chile Tradition: Gardnerian Wicca Contact Info Contact: Maddy and Felipe Email: Website: Group Description: Talks, workshops and non-profit activities. Paganism, Hermetic Tradtions ad Gardnerian Craft. For more information, visit


Barcelona Coven - Gardnerian

Group Details Group Name: Barcelona Coven Location: Barcelona, Spain Tradition/Spirtual Path: Gardnerian Wicca Contact Info Contact Name: Pavo Contact Info: Group Description: I am a High Priest of the Gardnerian Tradition in Barcelona, Spain. The coven is open to sincere seekers. Please get in touch if you believe this path is the right one for you. Soy un Sumo Sacerdote de la Tradicion Gardneriana, en Barcelona Espana. El aquelarre esta abierto a gente sincero. Por favor contactarnos si crees que eso es el sendero para ti.


Ubasty Coven - Alexandrian

Group Details Group Name: Ubasty Coven Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Tradition/Spiritual Path: Alexandrian Wicca Contact Info Contact: Heather Email: Website: Group Description: Ubasty is an established Alexandrian coven (Halifax line) located in central Ottawa. We practice and celebrate the Craft as a living tradition and a way of life, and like many Alexandrians are obsessive about training. We are currently open to potential students.

Quicksilver Coven - Gardnerian & Alexandrian

Group Details Group Name: Quicksilver Coven Location: Ottawa, Canada Tradition/Spiritual Path: Dual Gardnerian & Alexandrian Contact Info Contact name: Kristina Contact Email: Group Description: Quicksilver is a dual-lineage Gardnerian/Alexandrian coven, operating in rural west Ottawa for over a decade. We provide training to serious and committed seekers, or help them find their path if initiatory Wicca is not right for them.

Coven of the Wylde Rose - Gardnerian

Group Details Group Name: Coven of the Wylde Rose Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Tradition/Spiritual Path: Gardnerian Wicca Contact Info Contact Name: Karen & Evan Email: Website/Facebook: Group Description: COVEN OF THE WYLDE ROSE Gardnerian Tradition (Whitecroft Line) Founded 1999 Toronto, Ontario, Canada The Coven of the Wylde Rose was founded as an inclusive coven within the Gardnerian tradition. We are open to serious Seekers, and often offer Wicca 101 courses. For more information, check out our Facebook group: or email us at

LindenWood Coven - Gardnerian & Alexandrian

Group Details Group Name: LindenWood Coven Location: Waterloo, Canada Tradition/Spiritual Path: Dual Gardnerian & Alexandrian Contact Info Contact Name: Heather & John Email: Group Description: Lindenwood coven is an initiatory Wiccan coven in the Waterloo region, with dual lineage (Gardnerian and Alexandrian). Our coven leaders are actively involved in the local pagan community and we offer classes to the public from time to time, as well as to those interestd in learning more about initiatory Wicca. We do not charge for training. We believe it is important to create a safe space for learning and practice, for people of all backgrounds and abilities. We honour the living tradition which we are a part of, and are open to serious students interested in (and not afraid of) the work involved to continue learning and growing.


















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Hawkfire Coven - Gardnerian

Group Details Group Name: Hawkfire Coven Location: Online/Other Tradition/Spiritual Path: Gardnerian Wicca Contact Info Contact: Wren Robin Email: Website: Group Description: Hawkfire Coven is an online Gardnerian outer court, dedicated to sincere Seekers of diverse backgrounds who, for equally diverse reasons (including economic, geographic, etc.), cannot pursue Gardnerian Witchcraft in a traditional coven. Since the egregore formed in a physical coven is a truly unique and exceptional experience, Hawkfire Coven will also help sincere Seekers locate covens within their geographic region before admitting them to its own outer court. FAQs 1) This is an inclusive and intersectional coven. 2) It's an on-line coven, but initiations/elevations will be in person. 3) If Seekers simply need help finding physical covens near them, I will help, because I love this craft and it's the least I can do. 4) If a Sincere Seeker can't join a traditional coven due to distance, income, physical reasons, non-inclusivity, etc., then Hawkfire Coven may be a good option. 5) Hawkfire Coven is open to different time-zones, experience levels, and beliefs, but is a traditional Gardnerian Coven. 6) For International Seekers, Coven meetings are run in English. For more details visit To learn more about HPS Wren Robin, visit

Gala Witchcraft - Wicca/Male Mysteries

Group Details Group Name: Gala Witchcraft Location: Online/Other Tradition/Spiritual Path: Wicca/Male Mysteries/Gay Witchcraft Contact Info Website: Group Description: Gala Witchcraft is not just Wicca for Gay men. With the addition of the Male Mysteries to modern Wicca, Gala Witchcraft is the re-emergence of a Gay priesthood. We do not claim to be a continuation of those august and ancient orders of Gay male priests that populated the ancient world, but a modern incarnation of the same energetic current. Operating from the premise that Gay men were viewed as magical in every culture and that there are magical and spiritual practices exclusive to Gay men in every culture, Gala endeavors to transcend culture, pantheon, or system. The foundations of our tradition are European Witchcraft, specifically Wicca, but, like Gay men, we believe that the witch was also universal. Oshun and Yemaya are both credited with being witches within the African Diaspora Religions (ADRs). The Native American tribes had their medicine men. Several aboriginal cultures speak of witch doctors. Even Taoism has a "witchy" practitioner. No one culture owns the archetypal concept of the witch. In Gala, we actively encourage our members to explore the rich history of what it means to be a Gay male witch within their own ancestral framework. Initiates of Gala are from all ethnicities, races, and backgrounds. Gala uses the Theosophical idea that every religion has a spark of truth within it, and we encourage each other to explore the universal occult truths. The men who participate in our tradition just happen to practice witchcraft as well as contribute to the re-awakening of the Gay Mystery Traditions.